While function, aesthetics, style and uniqueness are usual values in architecture, we believe resilience and ecology should also be on top of the list.

Incorporating these values in new building is clearly critical. Retrofitting older buildings is where the difference can be made as they represent a huge percentage of the real estate stock.
Retrofitting usually includes outside insulation, double glazing, heating/cooling optimisation, electrical use reduction and electricity generation (PV on roof and facades, cogeneration, geothermal energy, etc). Refitting old buildings is very CO2 efficient.

For new constructions, we believe it is important to reduce the use of environmentally costly materials. Making 1 ton of steel produces 1.9T of CO2. A ton of concrete 0.9T.
Increasing the use of cleaner materials such as wood and stone brings down a project's impact while showing excellent mechanical properties and durability.